Thanks to the solid IT structure, which was enhanced in recent months with additional investments, AC&A has continued to work remotely despite quarantine and lockdown restrictions in the various countries where we operate. With the introduction of new protocols, as of July it has been possible to resume work supervision activities and surveys, both in Argentina and in other countries where we carry out projects.

At the international level, works have resumed on the CA-6 highway, in the sectors between the cities of Tegucigalpa and Danlí, Honduras. In this project, AC&A provides the supervision, control and monitoring of the construction activities on that highway. For the resumption of activities, various preventive and early action protocols and procedures have been implemented in order to work safely.

In Argentina, we are managing several projects simultaneously. In particular, in these months we have developed projects to measure pavement geometric parameters on National Route 34 in the Province of Santa Fe, and we began with the collection of information for a project in one of the naves of the Central Puerto Power Plant, located in the port of Buenos Aires. Additionally, we are in the final phases of the structural evaluation project of the Tower of the City of Buenos Aires and the design project of the new Perón Avenue in the City of Cipoletti, Province of Río Negro.

National and international protocols. The activities in Argentina are performed in compliance with all the directives issued by the National Government, putting the main focus on social distancing, the mandatory use of face masks and permanent hand hygiene.

For the supervision in Honduras, the local government approved a protocol prepared by AC&A, under which constant measures are taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19. In the Republic of Haiti, specific IDB-approved protocols are being implemented for the resumption of activities and the opening of the worker camp and worksite office.

Prevention protocols have been designed at headquarter and supervision team levels to guarantee the safety of all collaborators once it is possible to return to face-to-face work.