In June 2019, the extension of the Line E of the Metro of Buenos Aires between Bolívar and Retiro was inaugurated. This extension includes 2 kilometers of tunnels and serves three new stations: Retiro, Catalinas and Correo Central (Line E’s first interchange with Line B). For this project, AC&A carried out planning tasks, performing the “Economic evaluation”, and architectural tasks participating in the preparation of the detailed design of the Catalinas and Correo Central stations.

To learn more about the project and about the history of Line E, we invite you to download the book that our directors Juan Pablo Martínez and Roberto Agosta wrote in collaboration with Sergio Ruiz Díaz. In this book, entitled “The history of a project in search of its justification, the case of the E Line of the Buenos Aires Subway.”, The authors propose a chronicle of the project and the construction of the Line E of the Subway of the City of Buenos Aires, from the presentation in 1929 of the request for the concession that originated it, until its culmination in Plaza de los Virreyes in 1986 and its extension to Retiro. To access the complete book, go to the “Downloads” section of our website.