Engineering and Architecture Projects

The starting point is the architecture linked to transport systems. From this, AC&A participates in urban and overall architecture projects.

Infrastructure included in transport systems, in which millions of people daily circulate, requires efficient design in accordance with the operational and aesthetic needs of the environment in which they are immersed. AC&A is involved from the early stages of development of architectural projects through the development of feasibility studies, to the very general layout of the implementation stages of the construction project development, management and supervision of construction.

Specifically for the transport sector, AC&A’s interdisciplinary capacity is a great value-added because the in-house expertise enables effectively to raise the requirements and challenges that must satisfy the design of buildings. Thus the result is an established and verified project on aesthetically and functional terms, because, for example, you can see retrofitted with information on transport demand and simulation results.

This sector also offers services related to connectivity issues, accessibility, safety and operational efficiency in stations and transfer centers of the different transport systems and in large intermodal complex.

With this starting point, AC&A has established a team of professionals, specialized in planning projects, which won prizes in architectural competitions nationwide. This Department also developed and managed projects for residential buildings in the City of Buenos Aires for real estate, which shows its high technical capability to carry out a wide variety of projects.

Bruno Agosta

Bruno Agosta