From AC&A we started with the first stages to develop a multi-year investment and maintenance plan for the road network of the Argentine provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán. This plan, contracted by Vialidad Nacional of Argentina, is part of the Programa Infraestructura Vial del Norte Grande financed by the World Bank.

The project consists of five stages and will end at the beginning of 2020. In this first instance, our team is surveying the field data that will then be incorporated into the HDM-IV models for the setting up of the Investment Plans. In this project, more than 5000 km of paved network and more than 5400 km of unpaved network, and more than 500 points of traffic counts will be surveyed.

The surveying of the pavement condition and the measurement of roughness, deflections and transit will be done entirely with its own technological equipment: the Dynatest 5051 Mk IIIL5.2 inertial profilometer, the Dynatest HWD 8082 deflectometer and a series of MetroCount automatic traffic counters.

Enter this link to learn more about our technological equipment, which were key to winning the international tender of this project.