At the beginning of 2021, the company Autopistas Urbanas SA (AUSA) hired AC&A to carry out the Technical Audit of the resurfacing work and test the quality of the materials used, mainly the asphalt mix. With this work, AC&A continues to work on engineering projects and works supervision of the main highways in Argentina.

The Perito Moreno highway is one of the main accesses to the City of Buenos Aires, and as such, it has a high traffic flow. Given the magnitude of the work, the decision was to carry out the road works entirely at night to reduce the impact on traffic. This work began in February of this year and will last approximately 4 months. It covers the eight lanes of the Highway (AU6), from its beginning at Av. General Paz to its connection with the AU 25 de Mayo, where it also includes the area of ​​the Parque Avellaneda toll station, internal and external shoulders. This represents some 50km and foresees a placement of approximately 18,000 tons of asphalt mix.

The work consists of removing the aged pavement layer using the 3cm thickness milling technique and applying asphalt concrete SMA10 (Stone Mastic Asphalt 10) modified with polymers.

The Technical Audit entrusted to AC&A consists of ensuring the quality of the work and compliance with the technical requirements in the production and placement of the mixture according to contract specifications. To achieve the best result, our company has pavement specialists, who, in addition to giving considerations about the formula used in the work, provide technical-practical knowledge in the development of the tasks. AC&A performs the tests on the asphalt mixtures at the time of their placement (in situ), in a random manner behind the paver and in the quantity stipulated for its quality control. Core samples are taken of the asphalt placed in order to characterize their thickness and volumetric properties. Another quality determination is the control of the macrotexture of the placed mixture, by means of the Sand Patch test.

During the process of this Technical Audit, monthly reports are prepared detailing the results of each of the tests carried out during the period of the work, as well as the tons entered per day / month. These references will make up the final report of the work that will have a photographic record, including images and videos taken with UAV-drone equipment, and the detail of the finished work.

This improvement in the infrastructure of the Perito Moreno Highway represents not only greater traffic comfort and a reduction in average travel times, but also has a direct impact on road safety for users.