In addition to the international professional challenges that our company assumed during 2021, it also continues to plan and execute different jobs within Argentina. On this occasion, we began a new supervision stage on the Pan-American Route 82, which runs through the Province of Mendoza. This project is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The work between the completion of the West corridor and the intersection with Gobernador Ortiz Street, in Luján de Cuyo, began last month with the first ground movements in the second segment of the renovation work.

On May 3, we signed the commencement of the Technical and Socio-Environmental Inspection Services of the work: “Improvement of the Corridor of RP No. 82 Section II: End of the West Corridor-Section III (Tijera) – Rotunda Gobernador Ortiz. Luján de Cuyo, Province of Mendoza”, which marked the beginning of the 37-month contract.

During these first months, AC&A mobilized its resident professional team for the works, and made progress with the organization of the offices in the main workshop and the transfer of equipment and vehicles for the work.

Currently, we are working on the final review stage and the subsequent approval of the detailed design, which will be completed with our recommendations to the Provincial Highway Administration, and on the review of the work and investment schedules presented by the Contractor, analyzing the scheduled times and resources. Additionally, one of the most important points is the analysis of the Environmental and Social Plans, the Workplace Health and Safety Plan and the Work Execution Quality Plan, which must be approved prior to the start of the work. These processes include a review of the work conditions and mitigation measures for the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement.

When the work is completed, both towns, key tourist spots in West Argentina, will be connected by the construction of the new tunnel. The work is also essential to promote the Greater Mendoza area and a large tourist sector towards Cacheuta and Potrerillos.

This new phase involves an investment of over 2,100 million pesos and stretches over 8 kilometers. The works, based on a design prepared by the technical areas of the Provincial Highway Administration, include the remodeling of the interchange called “La Tijera”, the construction of a new interchange at a different level close to Besares street and another located in the vicinity of the entrance to the Colegio San Jorge, and the renovation of the current interchanges of Pueyrredón and Guardia Vieja streets, among other details.

This arduous engineering work will mean a reduction in time, costs, congestion and road accidents for users, in addition to significantly improving the condition of the Route. In turn, it will allow to eliminate clandestine exits to the highway, offer adequate infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, and favor regional mobility, reducing operating costs derived from the current saturation.

At the provincial level, this important project will have a great impact in terms of social, economic and tourist development, and will provide an adaptation to current and future traffic flows within an area in constant expansion in terms of real estate developments. It will also provide the residents of Mendoza with a world-class route, in line with the national and international tourist image of the Province, among other benefits.

With more than two decades of experience behind us, AC&A continues adding projects that lead to an improvement in the quality of life of its users.