Our company deployed the second stage of the program, which includes the inspection of the rehabilitation and reconstruction works of the Danlí – Tegucigalpa Highway, divided into two lots.

This process, which is making significant progress, includes spraying the aged pavement and the subsequent leveling of the layer that has been recycled. Finally, the recycled package is compacted to reach the density required by the specification.

The section recycled so far corresponds to lot A and has an extension of 3.2 kilometers in both bands. The hydraulic concrete will be laid soon.

This road project is executed by the Eterna Construction Company, which is funded by the Government of the Republic of Honduras. These works will improve the performance of this traffic artery, since they will reduce the deterioration of vehicles, save time and fuel, as well as reduce traffic accidents, among many other benefits.

Access the interview conducted by Honduran TV to Eduardo Acuña, Resident Engineer of AC&A, where he gives a detailed explanation of the works: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP_zDyjU8x4&feature=youtu.be