Our company continues to consolidate its international presence. On this occasion, we have been selected by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications of Haiti (MTPTC) and by the Inter-American Development Bank,  to carry out diagnostic studies of RN 4, 6 and 2 and to carry out the preparation of the tender documentation necessary for the improvement, management and maintenance works by service levels.

The works carried out on Route 4, which will take about 75 days to complete, are highly relevant in terms of road safety, since the road is located in a mountain area with sharp curves and steep slopes. That is why it is prone to landslides and runoff erosion in the rainy season, which represents a great danger for users.

In connection with Route 6, which runs parallel to the coastline, it connects the second largest urban area in the country, Cap-Haïtien, and Ouanaminthe, an entry and exit point to the Dominican Republic. It is a section that crosses the Northern Development Corridor, a region that is home to more than half a million people. The works, which will take approximately three months to complete, will contribute in terms of infrastructure and basic urban services in the area.

Finally, Route 2, characterized by being a coastal road with few curves, crosses densely populated urban areas, and therefore the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians is significant. It should also be noted that it presents flooding problems as a consequence of the systematic accumulation of waste. The work, in this case, will take about 120 days to complete.

At present, we are starting with visual surveys from georeferenced images of the three routes, as well as the measurement of the IRI (International Roughness Index) parameter, and the automatic evaluation of the surface damage of the pavement through the use of the  IPV (Intelligent Pavement Vision) system developed by AC&A using Artificial Intelligence. Finally, geology and geotechnical tasks have already been coordinated  and vehicle count campaigns are being planned to make estimates of the traffic on each route.