ARG | 1744 Laprida St. Project & Construction Management

Project and technical documentation. Evaluation of different construction companies offers and Construction Management.
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ARG | Constitución Node – Project

Renovation project of the Underground station to turn it into an intermodal transshipment...

ARG | Office Building – Reconquista 1088

Project and documentation. Specifications of materials and equipment, and its construction management.
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ARG | Caballito rail yard Master Plan

1st prize, national architectural contest. Master Plan urbanization of 22 hectares implementing "Smart...

HTI | Construction supervision and inspection: National Route N°1, Haiti

Supervision and inspection of the construction of embankment, pavement, bridges and drainage structures.

URY | Supporting the railroad sector in Uruguay

Technical assistance to the Uruguayan Government to increase railway activity and improve the...

ARG | Design and construction supervision of Roca-Patricios bridge over Riachuelo river

Highway connection between the city of Buenos Aires and Avellaneda over Riachuelo river....
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ARG | Prefeasibility study and design of the BRT project: TRANSUR

Prefeasibility study and design of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system on the...

ARG | Construction supervision and inspection of highway RN 14 – Entre Ríos

Supervision and inspection of the construction of the 2-lanes per direction national freeway...

ARG | Strategic and technical plan for the expansion of the Buenos Aires subway network

Study and modeling of the Bs. As. Metropolitan Area transportation system. Identify the...
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ARG | Construction inspection of the railroad track renovation of Belgrano line – Santa Fe

Review of the detailed design and construction supervision and inspection of railroad track...

ARG | Provincial investment plan, Formosa 2015

Development of the Public Investment Plan of the province of Formosa, Argentina.

ARG | Urban design project of Nodo Obelisco

Conceptual and preliminary design of the intermodal station (subway, BRT, Bus) below the...
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ARG | Design of Nodo Retiro transfer station

Design for the reformulation of the transfer station between buses, subway and railway...

ARG | Detailed design for the construction of highway RP28 Formosa

2012 award to the best provincial highway project. Detailed design for the construction...

ARG | Design and Project Management of the residential building Laprida 1744

Architectural and engineering design, Project Management and Construction Management of a 3,000 square...
transporte urbano

ARG | Building capacity program in Urban Transport for young professionals

Training course for young professionals in Planning, Regulating and Management of Urban Metropolitan...
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ARG | Design of urban bike lanes network for the city of Buenos Aires

Design and project planning three bike-lanes corridors for the city of Buenos Aires...