Between April and September 2018, AC&A was hired by the World Bank, together with the firms Bulla and Monoblock, to draft a manual of strategies for the design of an inclusive public space in vulnerable districts that may be applied throughout the country.

The process was developed in six stages: analysis, diagnosis (which included the analysis of the eco-regions in Argentina), planning, design, implementation and monitoring. These management practices led to the creation of a manual to guide the development of sustainable public spaces from the economic, social and environmental point of view.

The manual contains guidelines to define transit and permanence spaces and the necessary public space elements. In each case the manual includes a technical catalogue of details and constructive methods.

It also proposes and describes the citizen participation tools that are key for the project to be developed with the community, thus improving its continuity and appropriation. The testing and monitoring site selected for the draft project that was included in the manual was the district of “La Favorita” in Mendoza.

This was AC&A’s first project with a focus on the improvement of public spaces in vulnerable communities. The counterparty from the Government of Argentina was the Ministry of the Interior and Public Works.