Economics and Planning

Economic and financial evaluations of projects, which allow to quantify the generated benefits and their profitability.

AC&A specializes in the development of methodologies for economic and financial evaluation of complex projects. It is involved in the technical-economic interaction of projects, for evaluating them in socio-economic terms and then determine its justification within an investment plan.

The Economics and Planning division realized numerous projects in more than 30 countries, working with clients in investments evaluation and planning. AC&A focuses its analysis on the development of modern and objective methodologies based on recent globally theoretical developments, which enables reaching robust conclusions for decision-making. It also uses software for the modeling of the main variables in each project, thanks to which the results and benefits are quantified.

AC&A also has experience in developing Public Investment Plans. Tools are used for project evaluation of diverse nature through matrixes. Ad-hoc methodologies for complex projects are developed. In this manner we have develop a tool to include, for example, citizens’ opinions on multicriteria evaluations of infrastructure projects.

Maximiliano Roca

Maximiliano Roca