The section completed is the so called Lot B of the work, which stretches along 14.92 kilometers and is located on the CA-6 highway in the Department of El Paraíso, connecting the Municipality of Jacaleapa with the Municipal Cemetery of Danlí. This work, which consisted of the road rehabilitation and improvement, benefits a direct population of 8,850 inhabitants.

This work is part of the Regional Road Integration Program that the Government of the Republic of Honduras is carrying out with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (the IDB), and which has promoted and executed a significant investment in road infrastructure in the Eastern Corridor.

Highway CA-6 is one of the main roads in the country, providing connectivity between Honduras and the Republic of Nicaragua, through the border of Las Manos. This section is a route of great economic, political and social relevance at the regional level, being one of the busiest and most important road stretches in the country, since it crosses large areas of land with agricultural activity including livestock, basic grains and coffee.

The construction, supervised by AC&A, was completed on schedule and within the planned budget, even with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic that affected activities especially during 2020. The work consisted of expanding the existing road, taking it to a width of 7.30 meters (3.65 meters each lane) plus 1.50 m shoulders, with the exception of the beginning and end of the climbing sections, in which a third climbing lane was included, and the curves that also have extra width.

The work, which began in August 2019, included tasks such as clearing, fencing of the right of way, dirt track, recycling and stabilization of the existing structure with cement, granular base stabilized with 22 cm thick cement and hydraulic concrete pavement (concrete). Also the removal, supply, replacement and/or repair of sewer pipes and their complementary works; repair and expansion of boxes and bridges (bearing replacement), placement of road signs, bus parking bays, New Jersey barriers, removal and relocation of state electrical and fiber optic systems, and environmental and social mitigation works, and road safety tasks supervision.

This is the first work to be completed under the supervision of AC&A in the Republic of Honduras, which is why it is a very important milestone for our firm. It was furthermore largely carried out in the midst of the complex health scenario that takes place worldwide as a result of the pandemic, which represented an additional commitment and a huge professional challenge for AC&A.

At the same time, supervision continues at the rehabilitation works of Lot A, adjacent to this completed section, and which has already achieved a 69% physical progress and is expected to be completed in the coming months.