AC&A and the CENIT Research Center from the Universitat Politècnica of Catalonia (UPC) were awarded the International Call for Proposals CAF/VIN/DAPS/0158/17 to conduct the “Analysis of investments in the Latin American interurban ground transport sector by 2040”.

In this process AC&A competed against international companies like CH2M, Steer Davies Gleave, ERNST & YOUNG – INECO and EPYPSA, and achieved the highest rating in its technical proposal. The Studies & Planning department at AC&A started work on this project in 2018 and will continue throughout 2019.

The purpose of the study is to approach the problem of the ground transport infrastructure sector in its two modes, road and railway, in eleven Latin American countries. The goal is to identify the investment needs for the next two decades since the time horizon for the analysis is 2040.