At the end of May 2019 the “Paseo del Bajo” was inaugurated in Buenos Aires. AC&A, together with INECO, carried out the construction supervision of Section B (partially covered South trench) of this corridor that links the North with the South of the City of Buenos Aires, and that connects the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway, south of the city, with the Illia highway in the Retiro area.

It is the most important road work in the City of Buenos Aires of the past 50 years, which will benefit more than 134,000 passengers every day, including truck drivers, long distance bus passengers and private car users.

The section supervised by AC&A and INECO has three kilometers of partially-covered trench with slurry wall structures (60% open and 40% closed), 10 vehicular bridges and 9 pedestrian walkways, including ramps at the beginning of the section to descend from the level of the South Node viaduct to the level of the bottom slab of the trench. In this section, a new railway line was also built to move the existing track.

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Source: La Nación – Ricardo Pristupluk

Source: La Nación – Julián Bongiovanni