The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) annually organizes the Regional Policy Dialogue (RPD) as a space for the exchange of information and opinions with senior government officials in the transport sector in the LAC region. The 2018 meeting dealt with the challenges of the region to face the incorporation of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (ACVs). The event was coordinated and organized by AC&A and it addressed aspects related to technological advances and global trends in automation and artificial intelligence systems applied to transport.

In 2019, and with the support of the IDB, AC&A and the CEPE of Torcuato Di Tella University completed a study on the possible impacts of ACVs on the mobility of cities in Latin America. It contained an extensive bibliographic review on automation and its adaptation to the reality of the region, a Delphi survey of experts from these countries and an analysis of relevant variables in 27 cities in Latin America to understand the urban dynamics of the region and its internal differences.

The study allowed to identify a series of generic impacts of different order, measured with indicators, as a product of the interaction between the modal choice, the location of individuals and firms, the preferences on ownership (individual or shared), and the impacts resulting from the modal distribution on urban and transport infrastructure.

That impact matrix was used as an input for public policy guidelines, including the control of the evolution of the urban form, the guarantee of universal accessibility, an enhanced sustainability of the modal distribution, energy efficiency of travel, among others.