On Tuesday August 4, our company participated in the session on “Challenges and proposals for urban transport and mobility in cities”, organized by the Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT). The President of AC&A, Eng. Roberto Agosta, was part of the panel of speakers along with other specialists.

The purpose of the meeting, which took place under the virtual modality over Zoom, was to investigate and design the approach to the current and future scenario, and analyze the economic, financial, social, environmental and operational challenges for the public transport system, which has played a leading role in times of pandemic.

In his presentation, the President of AC&A, Eng. Roberto Agosta, said: “We are in an exceptional scenario of absolute uncertainty, in which we must avoid closed, crowded and close contact environments, a situation that requires an adjustment between supply and demand in the transportation system. This is the essence of the problem in the short term. In the current context, public transport systems are being underfunded worldwide. In the long term, we are facing an institutional problem, which depends on the transport regulatory authority of the Metropolitan Region and which is associated with the need for more and better public investments. As to demand, we can work in the medium term, since reducing the amount of total trips is possible and is happening at present. Today, the challenge in the transportation system lies in the demand.”

The panel also included Florencia Rodríguez (Consultant on Urban Mobility at Fundación Metropolitana and Professor at the Master’s Program in Urban Economics at UTDT), and Frederic Blas (Master’s Degree in Urban Mobility, Polytechnic University of Madrid and Professor at the Master’s Program in Urban Economics at UTDT), both former AC&A collaborators. The session was moderated by Cynthia Goytia, Director of the Master’s Program in Urban Economics and of the Urban and Housing Policy Research Center of the Torcuato Di Tella University.

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