In order to have competitive and high-quality transport infrastructure to face the challenges posed by climate change, the Government of the Dominican Republic, through its Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has entrusted AC&A with the elaboration of a regulation for the design, construction and maintenance of bridges, and the updating of the regulation for the design, construction and maintenance of Highways and Rural Roads.
This project is part of the technical cooperation on “Support to the Development of Transport Infrastructure Adaptable to Climate Change” and seeks to guarantee that the country has a safe, resistant and resilient road infrastructure, incorporating the technical aspects resulting from a science that is in permanent change and innovation.
The high degree of criticality of bridges in the road network and the number of bridges in the Dominican Republic (more than 850) justify the need to have a regulation that guides engineering professionals in the different stages of their projects’ conception and design.
In relation with highways and rural roads, which already have regulations that have guided their construction for the last thirty years, the goal is to update them to incorporate the latest advances in the field, with special emphasis on adaptation and mitigation measures against the effects of climate change, associated risk management, environmental protection and resilience to disasters triggered by threats of a natural origin.