In recognition of the work of Paseo del Bajo, the Argentine Road Association decided to award AC&A together with INECO. The ceremony, held at the Alvear hotel, took place within the framework of the gala that celebrates each year this association for the “day of the road”, in order to encourage the development of a quality, agile and safe road network.

The prize highlights the work of a work that arose due to the need to decongest the heavy heavy traffic in the access to the port area of ​​the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which had its inauguration date last May 2019. This project, With its 7.1 kilometers of extension, it is the most important road work of the last 50 years in the capital of Buenos Aires.

From AC&A, we appreciate the recognition for the distinction obtained and proudly celebrate having been part of the most momentous work of the City of Buenos Aires in recent times.