The first edition of the Remote Forum organized by the Metropolitan Foundation took place on Tuesday July 21 under the title “Transport and COVID in the AMBA”. The President of AC&A, Eng. Roberto Agosta, was invited on behalf of our company and the Torcuato Di Tella University. The meeting was chaired by the National Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, and was attended by other specialists.

The objective of this space, broadcast on Zoom to 400 professionals, was to draft a document and recommendations based on the exchange and the contributions of the various mobility specialists, to make it available to the National Ministry of Transport. The main topics included the different actors of the mobility sector in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), the articulation with health care and the challenges that will arise in the new normal after the pandemic.

In this sense, Minister Meoni stressed the value of dialogue: “It allows us to accelerate processes when designing public policies and take advantage of the human, economic and material resources in the most correct way, to apply them in this challenging moment, where transport has been a focus and a permanent matter of discussion for the circulation of the virus. This has led us to take measures and carry out different analyses, such as the lack of investment and the limitations in terms of infrastructure.”

For his part, among the different concepts developed, Eng. Roberto Agosta stated: “We are in a transition situation, where the system is opening up and we are going to move on to this new normal. It is a very difficult context for decision making. We are going to face Two stages: one in the short term, which is the reopening stage, and the other in the long term, which we will have to address later. The transportation system has an extraordinary responsibility to get the economy back up and running. This is central, not only in mass transportation, but also in cargo. Maintaining the supply of transportation is vital to ensure demand and operability. We also have an enormous responsibility as a society to give rationality to public investments”.

The conference also included presentations by José Barbero (UNSAM Transport Institute), Gastón Urquiza (Executive Director of the Fundación Metropolitana) and Florencia Rodríguez Tourón (Board Member of the Fundación Metropolitana, and until a few months ago also a member of AC&A).

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