From March 8 to 11, in San Nicolás (Argentina), our company participated in the commercial launch of the GVS Solar Irrigation System. GVS is the first large-scale Mobile Solar Irrigation System, promoted by the firm GVS-Solar. It should be noted that part of the engineering of this innovative product was carried out by AC&A in the last two years.

It is a mobile solar generation equipment for irrigation developed with German technology and designed in Argentina, capable of irrigating large areas. The engineering for the development of this product included mechanical, electrical, electronic and software and firmware specialties, which included the creation of a control algorithm to be able to operate said equipment, whose performance is based on prioritizing sustainability.

Thanks to its versatility and its mobile characteristics, this system can be used in any field, without the need to be connected to a power grid or to diesel generation systems. Regarding its operation, GVS transforms solar energy into electrical power, in such a way that it allows the operation of pumps and existing irrigation systems, without making changes to current systems.

At AC&A we are proud to have made a new contribution in terms of knowledge and engineering in a product that will be as fundamental as it is innovative for the agricultural sector, supporting the commercial launch of GVS Solar Irrigation System