At present, technology is an indispensable tool and acquires special importance during the execution of the survey tasks. For this reason, and with the intention of reducing the time and risks involved in manual methods, AC&A developed the Intelligent Pavement Vision (IPV) software, which allows the automated analysis of cracks and potholes in the evaluation of the condition of the road and airport pavements.

The software was developed using Artificial Intelligence techniques, based on high-quality georeferenced images, and a proprietary algorithm specifically designed. This instrument of national origin allows the calculation and parameterization of pavement failures which, compared to the standard catalog, allows defining parameters D3 and D4 of the methodology of the National Road Directorate of Argentina. In turn, it provides for obtaining the Status and Serviceability Indexes Present.

The IPV was developed under the contract for the preparation of the Multi-Annual Investment and Maintenance Plans of the provincial road networks of Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán and Santiago del Estero. This agreement, managed by National Roads and financed by the World Bank, involved the analysis of the state of more than 10,000 kilometers of paved network in a relatively limited period. It was also used by our company in other contracts, such as those signed with Autopistas Urbanas SA (AUSA), Autopistas del Sol and Autopistas del Oeste.

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