Works Control Panel (PCO) – Web access:

During 2019 AC&A developed and implemented an online information system for the control and monitoring of the works in which it participates in various countries. The Works Control Panel (PCO in Spanish) has three main sections: Work Data, Work Indicators and Communications. This system was tailored based on the expertise collected by AC&A in over twenty years of experience and after having supervised a significant number of infrastructure works, and it aims to provide our clients with updated information on the state of progress of the projects. Currently, the PCO manages works in three different countries and in two languages.

The PCO is a database management tool with a graphical environment for progress monitoring and control, which provides the Client with the possibility of constantly monitoring and obtaining online information about the progress of the works, including financial information and compliance with Social, Environmental and Health and Safety at Work standards.

Access to visualization of AC&A works according to user level

The information is supplied in a graphical format that allows for the easy identification of trends, as well as the correct visualization of the Contractor’s overall performance. Access is given through a protected website. In this way, the different stakeholders (Client / Supervision / Inspection) each enter their own username and password to see the progress of the work at all times. It should be noted that from the PCO you have access to the work communications control, contractor order notes and the Inspection and service orders of the supervisor and inspection.

Specific data of the Work

This Works Control Panel is an innovative element provided at AC&A’s proposal, which provides added value to the client by being able to have updated information from any point; it can even be accessed from mobile devices.

In addition to a graphic visualization of the progress curve of the work, it is also possible to see the degree of progress of each one of the items of the sectorized work, quickly identifying to what extent these tasks are already completed, whether they are in progress or have not yet been completed.

This tool has the possibility of keeping full documentary control, where all the Service Orders and Order Notes, either between Inspection and Contractor or between Supervision and Inspection, will be loaded on the platform to obtain traceability in communications.

Graphic progress of work and indicators

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Physical Work Progress

Construction Communications Panel