Our company has been selected by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications of Haiti (MTPTC) and by the Inter-American Development Bank to carry out the analysis of the construction project of the Estimé bridge, located on National Route No. 7 where it crosses the Grand’Anse River in Jérémie; this is one of the largest and most dangerous rivers that flows through the west of the country. The current bridge, which is almost seven decades old, is a 118 meter-long suspension bridge. Its steel and abutment structure is deteriorated due to the exposure, the passage of time and corrosion, which implies a serious risk for users today.

The importance of the project lies in its strategic location and heavy traffic, since it has a high movement of vehicles and pedestrians between urbanized areas, which is why it represents an extremely vital link for commercial, logistics and tourist activity in the Grand’Anse region.

In relation to the work itself, it should be noted that it will include the design of the new bridge, which will be in the shape of an arch, as well as its new accesses, since it will be built in parallel to the existing bridge.

The project will have an approximate duration of six months; it represents a great challenge for our firm since, this being a seismic area in close proximity to the sea, it will require analyzing proposals for alternatives and materials with a particular design and durability.

In this sense, different location options have been evaluated and various preliminary designs have been proposed for the construction of the new bridge. In addition, soil studies have been started by the Haitian National Construction and Public Works Laboratory (LNBTP), as well as topographic surveys of the entire surrounding area.

The historical and urban characteristics of the project represent an extraordinary challenge for AC&A.