With more than two decades of professional experience both nationally and internationally, our company reaffirms, this June 16 and in each of its daily actions, its mission and its values ​​with the design and implementation of projects and innovative work, with the objective of generating solutions to serve the needs of customers.

Since its foundation in 1999, AC&A has developed hundreds of projects in more than thirty countries around the world. In order to address each of these jobs comprehensively and with the highest quality standards, a detailed analysis was previously prepared using top-level resources and resorting to the development of new methodologies that, in many cases, set precedents in engineering.

Likewise, an eloquent recognition of the vision of those who lead our firm was the appointment of the Founder and President, Eng. Roberto Agosta, as Member of the National Academy of Engineering of the Argentine Republic. That event was a true milestone, pride and an important distinction in professional matters.

Furthermore, AC&A promotes a work culture based on respect, participation and the promotion of different generations of engineers, where experience and youth contribute their knowledge and perspectives to tackle different projects, thus forming a community of people who they work oriented towards the common good and provide their tools to meet the demands and needs posed by each challenge.

On this very special day, we salute and recognize those who exalt engineering with their valuable contributions, professionalism, and dedication.

Happy engineer’s Day!